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Former broodmare, 15.3hh, 17 yrs old on June 3rd, registered Paint mare with papers

Squash Blossom was taken in by Animal Control and would not allow a halter or anyone to touch her.  Since January, she has been in the care of Paula Isenbarg, co-founder of L.E.A.N.  Working slowly with natural horsemanship, Paula has earned Blossom's trust and has made enormous progress.  Having met Blossom myself and knowing her fears, the following video is nothing short of miraculous.  She is a remarkable horse, being rehabilitated by an amazing woman.  (video HERE).

Blossom should be placed with an experienced rider who will give her time to truly "blossom" without regression into her fearful past.  She most likely was used as a broodmare.  In a herd situation she seems to be a lower ranking mare.  She is a very willing and sweet horse.  Even when she is frightened she does not have a tendency to be ‘flighty’.  She has all the potential to make a wonderful horse for the right person.   Adoption fee:  $500 

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